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Scottish GP contract

The British Medical Association (BMA) have a short news feature on their website about the move towards a Scottish GP contract. The article also details the next steps and timetable towards the contract, with the proposed contract to be published in November and then a series of roadshow events leading to a poll and the final decision on whether to accept the contract. If accepted, it would be implemented from April 2018.


Care Inspectorate staffing report

The Care Inspectorate have published a report on staff vacancies in care services in 2016. The report provides the first national overview of vacancy levels and recruitment difficulties among the individual care services that report directly to the Care Inspectorate. More than a third of social care services have reported unfilled staff vacancies and almost half faced difficulties recruiting the right staff.

RCGP annual conference

At the recent Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Annual Conference the results of a poll on public preferences of GP services were presented. The poll, of 1,022 people in Scotland, found that most people value continuity of care and would rather see the same GP each time they attend the practice. The survey also found a preference to see a GP rather than another member of the primary care team.

Regulation of medical associate professions

The Department of Health in England are carrying out a consultation on proposals to introduce some level of statutory regulation for ‘medical associate professions’. The professions grouped under this heading are physician associates, physicians’ assistants (anaesthesia), surgical care practitioner and advanced critical care practitioner. The regulation would be UK wide.