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ISD statistics updates

Since the last bulletin the weekly release of statistical information from the Information and Statistics Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland has included statistics on delayed discharges; waitng times for cancer, drug and alcohol treatment and the weekly report on emergency waiting times; cancelled operations; alcohol brief interventions; acute hospital activity and NHS beds information. There has also been a report ‘measuring the use of health services by equality group‘ which describes the current availability of equality data in Scotland.

ONS population estimates

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released population estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for mid-2016. The figures show that the population of the UK at 30 June 2016 is estimated to be 65,648,000 people. This shows a growth in population at a similar rate to recent years driven by net international migration but also an increase in births and decrease in deaths. The population growth was not evenly distributed with London’s growth being more than twice the rate of Scotland’s for example.


ONS bulletin on smoking habits

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have issued a statistical bulletin on adult smoking habits in the UK in 2016. The bulletin had information on the proportion of people who smoke, the demographics of smoking and changes over time. it also has information on e-cigarette use. The bulletin shows that, of the adult survey respondents across the UK, 15.8% were smokers (in Scotland the figure was 17.7%). The data was compiled from the Annual Population Survey and the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

ISD release quarterly HSMR

The Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS National Services Scotland have released the October – December 2016 Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios (HSMR). HMSR is a measure of mortality adjusted to take account of factors known to affect the underlying risk. the figures show that the HSMR has decreased over the last 2 years.

The document also include a link to the NHS Performs website, a new site (in beta) which brings together information on hospital performance.

ONS report on drinking habits

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released a statistical bulletin on ‘Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2005 to 2016‘. The report describes alcohol consumption data for adults aged 16 years and above in Britain using responses from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) and includes downloads of the data used in the bulletin. Drinking habits, binge drinking and changes in drinking patterns across age groups, income levels, education levels, socio-economic classification, relationship status and geography are covered in the bulletin.