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NHS workforce statistics

ISD Scotland have published the quarterly update on NHS Scotland Workforce Information, reporting staff in post and vacancies at 31 December 2017. The figures show trend data for all staff in post across all job families incorporating indicators such as age, gender, contract type, Agenda for Change band, grade, and specialty where applicable and vacancy numbers for consultants, nursing and midwifery and Allied Health Professionals. A press release from the Scottish Government gives a summary of the statistics highlighting the increase in NHS staffing.


NHS staff survey

The NHS Scotland Health and Social Care Staff Experience Report 2017 has been published. The report presents the 2017 national iMatter results together with national Dignity at Work Survey results. iMatter is a tool for measuring employee engagement levels and the Dignity at Work Survey, which ran from 6-27 November 2017, covered areas not deemed suitable for inclusion in the iMatter questionnaire process and subsequent team reports and discussions.

Health & Sport Committee report on governance

The Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament have issued a report on the meeting of 27 February 2018. The report is a transcript of the meeting and mainly covers NHS corporate governance. The discussion covered diversity on boards, public engagement, public confidence in the NHS, and the role of integrated joint boards. For a part of the meeting Shona Robison, the Scottish Government Health Secretary, and Catherine Calderwood, the Chief Medical Officer, joined the meeting along with other Scottish Government health directors, and the discussion went on to also cover staff surveys and whistleblowing, workload and human resourcing, (including the GP contract and workforce strategies) and variation in care.

NHS spending plans

Following the approval of the budget in the Scottish Parliament the Scottish Government have announced spending plans for the NHS for 2018/19. The available figures include the revenue resource and capital allocations for each Board. There is also a sum of £175 million specifically for reform. The reform funding is intended to extend the provision of care and support closer to people’s homes, boost mental health spending and deepen the integration of health and social care. The aim is that more than half of frontline spending will be in community health services by the end of the Parliament.

Radiologist recruitment drive

The Scottish Government have launched a campaign to increase the number of consultant grade radiologists in post by 10%. Nine health boards are taking part in the campaign that hopes to attract international applications and that will be accompanied by £4million investment in a Radiology Transformation Programme to improve patient services, alongside increased specialist radiology training places.

Parliamentary answers on agency staff and nurses leaving NHS

Shona Robison, the Health Secretary for Scotland, has provided Parliamentary answers on agency staff use in the NHS and on the number of nurses leaving the profession. The use of agency staff has fallen between 2015/16 and 2016/17. In Scotland, the majority of temporary shifts are filled through the NHS Staff Bank. Combined figures are available for nurses and midwives leaving and joining the NHS. The figures are also broken down by health board.