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NHS consolidated financial report

The Scottish Government have published the NHS consolidated financial report for 2018-19. The statement sets out the year to date position and the forecast position for the year end, and is a consolidation of the financial position as reported by all 22 NHS Boards. Based on the first two months of the year (April-May 2018), a balanced year end position is forecast for the Health and Sport Portfolio for both resource and capital budgets. The figures have been made available locally previously but are now to be published monthly in this consolidated format.


Committee report on NHS governance

The Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament have released a report on the ‘Governance of the NHS in Scotland‘. The report considers the issue of governance under three broad areas – staff, clinical and corporate governance and is concerned with the scope for improvements which can be made to the governance arrangements of the NHS in Scotland. Amongst the findings is the recommendation that the culture of the NHS should be more open and transparent and that staff should feel more confident about raising concerns.

NHSPRB report on NHS pay

The National Health Service Pay Review Body’s (NHSPRB) 2018 report on Agenda for Change pay has been published. The report sets out the NHSPRB’s analysis of evidence provided by relevant organisations and makes observations on the pay of NHS staff paid under Agenda for Change for 2018 to 2019. The NHSPRB provides independent advice on the pay of NHS staff to the UK government and the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Report on chief integration officers role in Scotland

The King’s Fund have produced a report, commissioned by the Scottish Government, on the role of chief officers in health and social care integration in Scotland. The report is entitled. ‘Leading across health and social care in Scotland: learning from chief officers’ experiences, planning next steps’, and it sets out how the chief officers of integration authorities have developed their role in the Scottish health and social care system and makes recommendations to strengthen and further embed their roles.

NHS funding

The Institute for Government think-tank have published a report examining how to raise money for the health and social care. The report references the recent ‘Brexit dividend’ announcement and calls for a parliamentary inquiry into how to raise this money now and into the future.

The Scottish Government also addressed the additional funding announcement.

PHINS Bulletin

The latest Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS) Bulletin has been issued. The Bulletin covers local developments in public health information and has details on local projects in Scotland. Amongst the projects covered are a project on teenage screen time; the feasibility of citizens’ basic income; being well at work; a needle exchange surveillance initiative, participatory budgeting; a palliative care project; a project on the changing ethnic profiles of Scotland and Glasgow and the implications for population health; and the KnowFife Partnership Hub. The research on an evaluation of minimum unit pricing (MUP) which HERU is involved with is also featured.