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RCPCH report paediatric workforce

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) Scotland have released a report on the paediatric workforce in Scotland. The report focuses on data from the RCPCH Workforce Census 2015 in Scotland and highlights recruitment as leading factor in the workforce pressures within the sector.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Scotland (2017) ‘State of child health. Short report series: the paediatric workforce focus on Scotland‘, London: RCPCH.

Sharing Intelligence for Health & Care Group summary report

The Sharing Intelligence for Health and Care Group is a forum that brings together six national organisations in Scotland: Audit Scotland, Care Inspectorate, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland, and Public Health & Intelligence. The group have produced their second annual summary report summarising activity to date and plans for the future. The report has brief sections on health and social care integration, workforce challenges and financial pressures in the NHS.

Neonatal care audit

The Neonatal Maternity and Perinatal Audit have produced a report of NHS maternity and neonatal services delivered by the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales. The survey, which was completed by every NHS board or trust providing on-site birth care, covers staffing, services and facilities. The findings of the audit suggest that ‘typical maternity units do not appear to exist’.

International medical training fellowships

The Scottish Government are promoting the international medical training fellowships scheme. The scheme has been in operation since 2015 and aims to encourage doctors from overseas to train and work in NHS Scotland. The Health Secretary has recently written to health boards encouraging them to take part in the fellowship scheme.

SHIL blog post on innovation

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) have published a short blog post on innovation in healthcare. The post includes a list of the innovations likely to transform healthcare in the next few years. SHIL is an organisation that works in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise new innovations from healthcare professionals.

Community indicator of relative need

The community Indicator of Relative Need (ioRN) is being re-designed. The ioRN is a data collection tool used in NHS Scotland to assess a person’s independence on important aspects of function – in particular, the person’s mobility, how independently they carry out tasks like washing themselves or preparing a meal and aspects of mental well-being. An algorithm is applied to place the person into a discrete ioRN2 Group. The update to the tool is termed ioRN2. ISD Scotland have issued the report on the update and are encouraging use of the tool in the health and social care sector.