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Foundation Programme report

The eighth Career Destination report of the UK Foundation Programme has been published. The report details the career destinations of F2 doctors who completed their training in August 2017, and who typically graduated from medical schools in 2015. Amongst the findings, the report indicates that the percentage of foundation trainees remaining in the UK to work as a doctor, either in service or training posts, has had little overall change in last five years.


Whistleblowing protection

Extra legal protection has been announced for junior doctors and other postgraduate trainees if they are subjected to detrimental treatment for raising concerns. The agreement between the Scottish Government, NHS Education for Scotland and the British Medical Association builds on protection already in place in the NHS by introducing legally binding protection. It is also anticipated that an Independent National Whistleblowing Officer post will be established by the end of the year.

International medical training fellowships

The Scottish Government are promoting the international medical training fellowships scheme. The scheme has been in operation since 2015 and aims to encourage doctors from overseas to train and work in NHS Scotland. The Health Secretary has recently written to health boards encouraging them to take part in the fellowship scheme.

Medical recruitment statistics

The latest medical trainee recruitment rates have been released by NHS Education for Scotland (NES). They show that 97% of all medical training posts in Scotland in 2017 are currently filled but challenges remain to make further improvements in both GP recruitment and in certain diagnostic specialties. The statistics are published on the NES Scottish Medical Training pages.