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ISD release complaint statistics

Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland have released the annual update on complaints received by NHS Scotland organisations. The figures show a 10% increase since the previous year.


Cancer waiting times

ISD Scotland have issued the quarterly update of the cancer waiting times statistics. The figures show that only three NHS boards met the standard for referral to first cancer treatment. The Scottish Government have announced new funding and the formation of a delivery group to improve waiting times for diagnosis and treatment in Scotland.

ISD report on dental statistics

The Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland have issued a statistical release on dental statistics: fees and treatments. The figures cover 2016/17 and show a decrease in childrens fillings and extractions, and an increase in adult treatment. General Dental Services fees have increased, although the rate of increase has slowed. A publication summary and full report are available.

ISD Scotland consultation

ISD Scotland are carrying out a consultation on the presentation, usability and accessibility of the NHS Scotland national workforce statistics that they publish. The main proposal is to replace excel files with a ‘packaged set of dynamic dashboards’. The consultation is open until 5th October and is in the form of a questionnaire with 15 questions on data visualisation and dashboard usability, open data and frequency.

Community indicator of relative need

The community Indicator of Relative Need (ioRN) is being re-designed. The ioRN is a data collection tool used in NHS Scotland to assess a person’s independence on important aspects of function – in particular, the person’s mobility, how independently they carry out tasks like washing themselves or preparing a meal and aspects of mental well-being. An algorithm is applied to place the person into a discrete ioRN2 Group. The update to the tool is termed ioRN2. ISD Scotland have issued the report on the update and are encouraging use of the tool in the health and social care sector.

ISD statistics updates

Since the last bulletin the weekly release of statistical information from the Information and Statistics Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland has included statistics on delayed discharges; waitng times for cancer, drug and alcohol treatment and the weekly report on emergency waiting times; cancelled operations; alcohol brief interventions; acute hospital activity and NHS beds information. There has also been a report ‘measuring the use of health services by equality group‘ which describes the current availability of equality data in Scotland.