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ScotPHO updates

ISD Scotland have released the annual statistics for suicide in Scotland. The statistics for 2017 show a slight drop from the previous year. The figures are provided from ISD Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO). The quarterly update from ScotPHO has also been published with updates on alcohol, and cancer types amongst the updates.


NHS Scotland workforce statistics

ISD Scotland have published the latest NHS Scotland workforce statistics. The report is published annually and the latest statistics are for 31st March 2018. There are statistics for the overall workforce, with a focus on key clinical staff including consultants, doctors and dentists in training, qualified nurses and midwives and allied health professions (AHPs). The statistics include data on staff numbers, vacancies and sickness absence. Note that the data is on staff employed directly by NHS Boards and excludes those working as independent contractors, such as locums, general medical practitioners (GPs) and general dental practitioners.

Cancer incidence in Scotland

ISD Scotland have released an annual update on cancer incidence in Scotland. The latest figures are for 2016 and show that 31,331 people were diagnosed with cancer in that year. Over the last ten years the risk of developing cancer decreased by 6% for men but increased by 2% or women. Overall, people who live in more deprived areas are 26% more likely to diagnosed with cancer than those living in the least deprived areas, although this is not consistent for all cancer types and can’t be wholly attributed to behavioural factors.

NHS workforce statistics

ISD Scotland have published the quarterly update on NHS Scotland Workforce Information, reporting staff in post and vacancies at 31 December 2017. The figures show trend data for all staff in post across all job families incorporating indicators such as age, gender, contract type, Agenda for Change band, grade, and specialty where applicable and vacancy numbers for consultants, nursing and midwifery and Allied Health Professionals. A press release from the Scottish Government gives a summary of the statistics highlighting the increase in NHS staffing.