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Health and social care resilience report

The Scottish Government have published a report on health and social care service resilience over public holidays. The report was commissioned following the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Scotland (RCEM) call for a review of the resilience of all urgent care services over public holidays, primarily prolonged Christmas and Easter festival periods. A number of recommendations are made to ensure that services are provided through holiday periods.

The publication of the report was accompanied by an announcement of winter resilience funds for NHS Boards in Scotland and publication of a supplementary report showing data analysis from ISD Scotland.


GP workforce and practice list sizes

ISD Scotland have released a report on the General Practice workforce and practice list sizes from 2007 to 2017 in Scotland. The report presents information on the GP workforce contracted to work in Scottish practices, information about the number of GP practices and profile of patients registered. The data is available at NHS Board and local authority level. there is a publication summary and a full report.

Delayed discharge report

ISD Scotland have released the annual figures on delayed discharge in NHS Scotland. The figures include information on the number of bed days occupied by people delayed in their discharge from hospital and the average number of delays across monthly census points. There is also information on the proportion of all hospital beds occupied by delayed discharges, the bed day rate and the latest available estimated cost information (2015/16). The publication summary contains a link to the full report.

NHS Scotland workforce information

ISD Scotland have released the quarterly update on the NHS Scotland workforce. The figures are for the numbers of staff employed and vacancy information for nursing and midwifery, allied health professionals and consultants on 30 September 2017. The publication summary includes a link to the main report.

Scottish health service costs

ISD Scotland have released the annual update on health service operating costs in Scotland in 2016/17. The figures cover hospital and primary care provided to patients. The information is primarily derived from Scottish Financial Returns (SFRs) compiled by NHS Boards and shows that total NHS Board operating costs increased by 4.1% to £11.7bn compared to £11.2bn in 2015/16. In real terms, once inflation has been taken into account, total operating costs increased by 2.0% compared to 2015/16. The publication summary has a link to the full report.

Alcohol-related hospital statistics

ISD Scotland have published the annual update on statistics for alcohol-related inpatient and day case activity within general acute hospitals and psychiatric hospitals in Scotland for 2016/17. The figures highlight a difference in the pattern of alcohol-related admissions by deprivation. A summary and a full report are available.

ISD stats

The weekly statistical release from ISD Scotland for 7 November includes figures on delayed discharges, GP payments and acute hospital activity.

The monthly figures for delayed discharges in NHS Scotland show a slight decrease in days spent in hospital by people whose discharge was delayed.

The annual statistics for NHS payments to General Practice detail the various forms of payment to contracted, locally negotiated and NHS Board run practices for the financial year 2016/17.

The annual statistics on acute hospital activity and beds information for the year ending 2016/17 and the quarter ending June 2017 give an overview on the range of acute medical and surgical hospital services provided in Scotland and covers most of the inpatient, daycase and outpatient services used by patients. Additionally, there are sections on Accident & Emergency and Psychiatric activity.