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NHS Health Scotland inequality reports

NHS Health Scotland have published their latest Inequality Briefing and a research report on Modelling the impact of policy interventions on income in Scotland. The Inequality Briefing focuses on universal income policy and highlights some of the arguments for and against the policy, and considers how Universal Income may impact on health. The research report on Modelling the impact of policy interventions on income in Scotland estimates the impact on household income distribution in Scotland of a broad range of policies to enable modelling of policy effects on health inequalities and health improvement.


Health inequalities report

The latest Official Statistics report on the Long-term monitoring of health inequalities has been published by the Scottish Government. The gap in health outcomes between the most deprived and least deprived areas of Scotland is reported for a variety of indicators in absolute and relative terms, including healthy life expectancy, premature mortality, and a range of morbidity and mortality indicators relating to alcohol, cancer and coronary heart disease. The report show that, with the exception of the Healthy Birthweight indicator, significant health inequalities persist for each indicator covered.

Life expectancy variation

National Records of Scotland have published figures on life expectancy in Scotland. The associated report looks at how life expectancy varies according to deprivation, council area, health board area and rural or urban areas. The figures show that life expectancy can vary by seven years depending on the council area a baby is born in and by 10.5 years depending on how deprived an area the baby was born in.

Evidence Finder updated

The Scottish Government Evidence Finder has been updated. The Evidence Finder is a gateway site to equality evidence across a range of policy areas. The information is collected from Scottish Government and its agencies research publications and national and official statistics It’s updated twice a year and can be searched by policy area and equality characteristic.

Mental health inequality briefing

NHS Health Scotland have published an Inequality Briefing on mental health. It outlines two strands of social inequalities and mental health: mental health inequalities as an (often neglected) component of health inequalities; and the social and health inequalities experienced by people with mental health problems. The briefing sets out actions to address these issues based on evidence of what works.

Alcohol-related hospital statistics

ISD Scotland have published the annual update on statistics for alcohol-related inpatient and day case activity within general acute hospitals and psychiatric hospitals in Scotland for 2016/17. The figures highlight a difference in the pattern of alcohol-related admissions by deprivation. A summary and a full report are available.

Socio-economic duty consultation analysis

A report providing an analysis of the responses to the recent Scottish Government consultation on ‘socio-economic duty‘ has been published. The ‘socio-economic duty’ asks particular public authorities to do more to tackle the inequalities of outcome caused by socio-economic disadvantage. The report provides a summary of responses and the Scottish Government’s reply.