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HERU research theme

YHEC literature review on lung cancer

The York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) have produced a literature review on behalf of the British Lung Foundation and the British Thoracic Society on the economic costs of lung disease and the cost-effectiveness of different NHS activities, programmes and campaigns to combat lung problems.


Wealth inequality report

The Institute for Public Policy Research have produced a report on wealth in the 21st century examining wealth inequality. The report argues that a focus on income inequality has masked the true extent of inequality in the UK and that while wealth inequality fell for much of the 20th century, it is now rising again, and is set to rise further.

Roberts, C. and Lawrence, M. (2017) Wealth in the twenty-first century: inequalities and drivers, IPPR.

SCPN newsletter

The latest issue of the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network newsletter is available. the newsletter contents include a brief update on the ActWELL study,  articles on healthy eating (recipe for kale, sweet potato and chickpeas with hummus sauce…) and physical exercise initiatives and a research round-up.

They have also announced the date of the 2018 SCPN Conference. The event has the theme ‘We can, I can’, designed to highlight that organisations and individuals can take action against cancer, and takes place on  5th February 2018.

Report on mitigating child poverty

What Works Scotland have produced an evidence review and briefing on steps that local authorities and community planning partnerships can take to mitigate and prevent child poverty and identify early trigger signs that may suggest an increased risk of poverty.

Treanor, Morag C. (2017) Actions to prevent and mitigate child poverty in Community Planning Partnerships, Edinburgh: What Works Scotland.

First low emission zone

The Scottish Government have announced that Glasgow will be the first city in Scotland to have a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Glasgow City Council is partnering with the Scottish Government to prepare the LEZ design and proposals with the aim of  improving air quality in the city.

The Scottish Government are carrying out a consultation on ‘Building Scotland’s Low Emission Zones.’ The consultation will be available until 28 November 2017.