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Report on draft health and sport budget

The Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament have issued a report that looks ahead to the Scottish Government health and sport draft budget. The report calls for greater transparency over the budget in general, but specifically in relation to the new integration authorities (IAs). The Committee are also critical on the progress to the shift in the balance of care to the IAs.


Sharing Intelligence for Health & Care Group summary report

The Sharing Intelligence for Health and Care Group is a forum that brings together six national organisations in Scotland: Audit Scotland, Care Inspectorate, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland, and Public Health & Intelligence. The group have produced their second annual summary report summarising activity to date and plans for the future. The report has brief sections on health and social care integration, workforce challenges and financial pressures in the NHS.

Health Secretary letter on IA budgets

Shona Robison, the Scottish Government Health Secretary, has responded to questions raised by the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee regarding integrated budgets for health and social care. The letter clarifies the budget breakdown for Integrated Authorities, reporting and efficiency requirements, timescales, questions an additional funding and on moving care from the acute sector to the community.

Health & Sport Committee meeting

The minutes, papers and report of the Scottish Parliament’ Health and Sport Committee meeting on 13 June are available online. The meeting discussed the draft Mental Health (Absconding) Act, whistleblowing in the NHS, and the engagement with stakeholders and the budget-setting process of health and social care integration authorities. The health and social care integration session took evidence from the Health Secretary, Shona Robison, and from Scottish Government officials: Geoff Huggins, the Director of Health & Social Care Integration, and Chrsitine McLaughlin, the Director of Health Finance. Subsequent correspondence to the Health Secretary from the Committee is also available.

Scottish Care report

Scottish Care have issued a report focusing on home care’s role in the preventative care agenda. The organisation represents independent social care services in Scotland from the private and voluntary sector. The report looks at home care’s role in preventative care, how the sector has developed in recent years (including the impact of Free Personal Care), and a sets out a vision for the future of home care services. Concerns around workforce recruitment and retention and future service provision are outlined, and the report recommends reconfiguring the workforce as a preventative service based on a relational rather than a purchasing model of care.

Garherum, B. and Macaskill, D. (2017) Bringing home care: a vision for reforming home care in Scotland, Ayr: Scottish Care.