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YHEC literature review on lung cancer

The York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) have produced a literature review on behalf of the British Lung Foundation and the British Thoracic Society on the economic costs of lung disease and the cost-effectiveness of different NHS activities, programmes and campaigns to combat lung problems.


Health economics evidence resource tool

Public Health England have developed a health economic evidence resource (HEER) tool to show the key cost-effectiveness and return on investment evidence on public health activities. The tool is designed to provide an initial ‘snapshot’ of the economic evidence underpinning public health interventions. There are nine areas of public health activity including obesity and physical activity; alcohol misuse; and smoking and tobacco use. Short summaries of the intervention and a link to the original source are included.

NICE statement on EQ-5D-5L

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have issued a position statement on the use of the EQ-5D-5L valuation set. The statement recommends not using the 5L valuation set for evidence submissions to NICE that use cost-utility analyses. Preference should be given to the EQ-5D-3L valuation set. The full statement gives more detail on the decision from the NICE Decision Support Unit.