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Health data research sites

The Health Data Research UK partnership has announced funding for six sites across the UK to address challenging healthcare issues through use of data science. From April 2018, the six sites will work collaboratively as foundation partners in Health Data Research UK. The University of Aberdeen form part of the Health Data Research UK partnership and the award coincides with the newly established joint University of Aberdeen and NHS Grampian Aberdeen Centre for Health Data Science.


ISD data prototype

ISD Scotland have released a prototype model data page. The data is on ‘Acute hospital activity and NHS beds data’ and uses a proposed model for displaying the data. They asking for feedback on the data presentation.

Innovation Panel data

Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study, have released the ninth Wave of Innovation Panel data. The dataset contains experimental and methodological tests. Amongst the experiments is a study on the targeted timing of email invitations to surveys. Other experiments include the use mixed mode data collection, the value of respondent incentives, measurement of household finances, subjective expectations about returns to schooling, people’s assessment of what constitutes “successful ageing”, format of response options, use of multiple measurements to improve measurement of attitudes, and measurement of sensitive topics. There is a working paper on the results from the methodological experiments.

IHDP Scotland newsletter

Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP) Scotland have issued their summer newsletter. It includes details of their partnership with the Cancer Innovation Challenge and current projects on creating the Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service, etsablishing a protocol on radiotherapy data to enable comparison with NHS England data, building a consensus on cancer patient treatment summaries and working on the North of Scotland Cancer Intelligence Hub.

IHDP are part of the Farr Institute and are concerned with changing the way data and analytics are used to drive improvements in healthcare.

Royal Society report on data management

The Royal Society and the British Academy have conducted a review on data governance. The review recommends the adoption of four high-level principles, under the one over arching principle of ‘human flourishing’. The principles proposed are that data governance should:

  • protect individual and collective rights and interests
  • ensure that trade-offs affected by data management and data use are
    made transparently, accountably and inclusively
  • seek out good practices and learn from success and failure
  • enhance existing democratic governance.

The main report, ‘Data management and use: governance in the 21st Century: a joint report by the British Academy and the Royal Society‘, is accompanied by evidence review reports and case studies.