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Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest case study

This Scottish Government Social Research report on the ‘out of hospital cardiac arrest strategy’ is used as a case study to assess the extent that the strategy embodies a ‘Scottish Approach’ to policy. The ‘Scottish Approach’ is described as encapsulating ‘a move within public services from top-down, service-led, reactive delivery, towards more personalised, preventative and collaborative ways of working.’ The report uses the findings from a series of interviews with partner organisations involved in the design and delivery of the strategy.


SIGN guidelines on cardiovascular diseases

Two updated SIGN guidelines on cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been published. SIGN Guideline 149 on ‘Risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease’ provides recommendations on how to estimate and manage cardiovascular risk in people with and without established CVD.  SIGN Guideline 150 on ‘Cardiac rehabilitation’  includes recommendations on assessment, health behaviour change techniques, lifestyle risk factor management, psychosocial health, vocational rehabilitation and medical risk management.