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National Audit on NHS England primary care support services

The National Audit Office have reported on NHS England’s management of the primary care support services contract with Capita. NHS England have a contract with Capita Business Services Ltd (Capita) to deliver primary care support services. The report concludes that NHS England and Capita have not yet reached the level of partnership working required to make the contract work effectively and that current service failures need to be addressed to achieve the savings and service improvements intended.


NAO report on NHS England

The National Audit Office (NAO) have issued their sixth report on the financial sustainability of the NHS in England. The report states that despite its overall financial position improving the NHS is struggling to manage increased activity and demand within its budget. Also, measures taken to rebalance financing have restricted money available for longer-term transformation and additional funding has been spent on coping with existing pressures. The report contains a number of recommendations including aligning nationwide incentives, regulation and processes, as well as reassessing how best to allocate the sustainability and transformation funding.

Sharing Intelligence for Health & Care Group summary report

The Sharing Intelligence for Health and Care Group is a forum that brings together six national organisations in Scotland: Audit Scotland, Care Inspectorate, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland, and Public Health & Intelligence. The group have produced their second annual summary report summarising activity to date and plans for the future. The report has brief sections on health and social care integration, workforce challenges and financial pressures in the NHS.

Neonatal care audit

The Neonatal Maternity and Perinatal Audit have produced a report of NHS maternity and neonatal services delivered by the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales. The survey, which was completed by every NHS board or trust providing on-site birth care, covers staffing, services and facilities. The findings of the audit suggest that ‘typical maternity units do not appear to exist’.