Health and social care resilience report

The Scottish Government have published a report on health and social care service resilience over public holidays. The report was commissioned following the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Scotland (RCEM) call for a review of the resilience of all urgent care services over public holidays, primarily prolonged Christmas and Easter festival periods. A number of recommendations are made to ensure that services are provided through holiday periods.

The publication of the report was accompanied by an announcement of winter resilience funds for NHS Boards in Scotland and publication of a supplementary report showing data analysis from ISD Scotland.


Future health and care workforce needs

A World Health Organization (WHO) Good Practice Brief has been published outlining the future demand for health and care workers in England to deal with the growing numbers of people living with long-term conditions. The horizon scanning exercise identified a rising demand for caring skills that typically dont require high levels of registration or training, such as those offered by health-care assistants, junior nurses, nursing associates, support workers and housekeepers. The publication is from work done by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence, part of the Department of Health.

HAGIS pilot report

The pilot findings of the Healthy AGeing In Scotland (HAGIS) project have been released. The project is a study of people aged 50+ in Scotland and is the first Scottish study to follow older people over time – the intention is to re-interview members of the study at intervals of two years, and collect data on their economic and social circumstances and on their health. Amongst the first results is the finding that single men are significantly less likely to participate in bowel screening tests than those who live with a partner.

Health survey for England

The 2016 Health Survey for England has been published. The survey has been published annually since 1994 and is designed to monitor trends in the nation’s health; estimating the proportion of people in England who have specified health conditions, and the prevalence of risk factors and behaviours associated with these conditions.

GP workforce and practice list sizes

ISD Scotland have released a report on the General Practice workforce and practice list sizes from 2007 to 2017 in Scotland. The report presents information on the GP workforce contracted to work in Scottish practices, information about the number of GP practices and profile of patients registered. The data is available at NHS Board and local authority level. there is a publication summary and a full report.

Obesity Action Scotland newsletter

The latest Obesity Action Scotland newsletter has been published. Amongst the items featured are recent figures on childhood and adult obesity, reports from NHS Health Scotland, WHO, OECD and the Obesity Health Alliance (also featured in previous bulletins), an article in the Lancet linking diabetes and BMI to cancers and news of recent and forthcoming events.