Food poverty

The Scottish Government have announced funding for projects that focus on helping people move away from emergency food support to having access to healthy food. The funding supports the Fair Food Fund and additional support for children experiencing food poverty.

Poverty in Scotland

The Scottish Government have published new statistics on poverty in Scotland. The latest statistics cover poverty and income inequality, persistent poverty and an update on child poverty. The statistics show that poverty and inequality have been slowly rising in Scotland in recent years.

Brexit and health in Scotland

The Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament have published the official report of their meeting on 13th March. The main part of the meeting covered impacts on health and social care of leaving theĀ  European Union, including the impact on research and clinical trials, and the regulation of medicine and medical devices.

Also, the Scottish Government Health Secretary has made a statement on the threat of Brexit to health services ahead of her appearance at the Health and Sport Committee inquiry into the impact of leaving the European Union on health in Scotland.

Social care experiences

The Scottish Government have published an analysis of the free-text responses on experiences of social care contained in the Health and Care Experience Survey (HACE) of 2015/16. The HACE survey takes place every two years and is the main national source of data on self-reported experiences of care in Scotland. Just over 4,000 providers and receivers of care (and proxies) gave comments about their experiences of care, with the majority being positive.

Future Audit Scotland report on integration

News of a forthcoming Audit Scotland report on health and social care integration. The report is due to be published in November 2018 and will look at the impact public bodies are having as they work together to integrate health and social care services in line with the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014. This will be the second of three scheduled audits, a previous report was published in December 2015.