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NHS England workforce strategy

NHS England have released a draft workforce strategy document and launched a consultation on its contents. The document was produced by Health Education England and sets out the workforce plans on cancer, mental health, maternity, primary and community care and urgent and emergency care, looking forward to 2027.


Briefing on air pollution

The House of Commons Library has published a briefing on the UK Government’s efforts to meet air pollution targets, particularly nitrogen dioxide. It has been estimated that the annual cost of health problems resulting from exposure to air pollution in the UK exceeds £20 billion, and this briefing sets out the UK government’s obligations and response.

Future health and care workforce needs

A World Health Organization (WHO) Good Practice Brief has been published outlining the future demand for health and care workers in England to deal with the growing numbers of people living with long-term conditions. The horizon scanning exercise identified a rising demand for caring skills that typically dont require high levels of registration or training, such as those offered by health-care assistants, junior nurses, nursing associates, support workers and housekeepers. The publication is from work done by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence, part of the Department of Health.

Health survey for England

The 2016 Health Survey for England has been published. The survey has been published annually since 1994 and is designed to monitor trends in the nation’s health; estimating the proportion of people in England who have specified health conditions, and the prevalence of risk factors and behaviours associated with these conditions.

Sustrans report on active travel

Sustrans, in partnership with environmental consultancy Eunomia, have developed a model, described as the first of its kind, to measure air quality benefits from reducing motor emissions due to shifting to walking or cycling. The model aims to support local authorities in making the case for investment in walking and cycling and estimates the contribution of active travel in reducing air pollution – and the subsequent benefits to public health. The associated report states that if the vision, set out in Scotland’s Cycling Action Plan, of 10% of everyday journeys by bike  was realised, nearly 4,000 premature deaths would be avoided and £3.64 billion of savings would accrue over a decade. The model, and associated briefing note, video and news story are available at the Sustrans Air Quality page.

Folic acid fortification

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have written jointly to the UK Health Secretary urging the introduction of mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid on a UK wide basis. A Food Standards Scotland report earlier this year indicated that fortification would reduce neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, in unborn babies but would need to be implemented across the UK to be practical.