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HTA reimbursement procedures

The European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) has published an analysis of HTA and reimbursement procedures in EUnetHTA partner countries. The study identifies differences in working practices for the assessment of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical health technologies. Data were received from 59 agencies in 31 EUnetHTA partner countries.



The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched the Preliminary Independent Model Advice (PRIMA) service to ‘health-check’ economic models. PRIMA is a fee-based consultancy service offering a detailed peer review service to help developers of drugs, medical devices and diagnostics, and public health interventions ensure the quality of their model structure, coding, usability and transparency.

Social care economic evaluation methods

The Centre for Health Economics (CHE) at the University of York have published a scoping review on social care economic evaluation methods. A systematic review of the published literature and a survey of experts were undertaken to inform NICE on the methods available for use in undertaking economic evaluation of social care interventions, and the methods in development, the challenges faced and the methods gaps.

PharmacoEconomics supplement

The PharmacoEconomics journal has a supplement issue on estimating utility values for economic evaluation. The supplement is volume 35, issue 1 supplement, December 2017. The full list of articles is listed below, the journal is available in full text but may require a login off-campus.

Editorial: Heath State Utility Values for Cost-Effectiveness Models / Jonathan Karnon

Editorial: Special Edition on Utility Measurement, PharmacoEconomics / Andrew Lloyd

Commentary: Sourcing and Using Appropriate Health State Utility Values in Economic Models in Health Care / Roberta Ara, Tessa Peasgood, Clara Mukuria, Helene Chevrou-Severac…

International Regulations and Recommendations for Utility Data for Health Technology Assessment / Donna Rowen, Ismail Azzabi Zouraq, Helene Chevrou-Severac…

A Review of Generic Preference-Based Measures for Use in Cost-Effectiveness Models / John Brazier, Roberta Ara, Donna Rowen, Helene Chevrou-Severac

The Role of Condition-Specific Preference-Based Measures in Health Technology Assessment / Donna Rowen, John Brazier, Roberta Ara, Ismail Azzabi Zouraq

The Identification, Review and Synthesis of Health State Utility Values from the Literature / Roberta Ara, John Brazier, Tessa Peasgood, Suzy Paisley

The Use of Mapping to Estimate Health State Utility Values / Roberta Ara, Donna Rowen, Clara Mukuria

Recommended Methods for the Collection of Health State Utility Value Evidence in Clinical Studies / Roberta Ara, John Brazier, Tracey Young

The Use of Health State Utility Values in Decision Models / Roberta Ara, John Brazier, Ismail Azzabi Zouraq

Estimating Health State Utility Values for Comorbidities / Roberta Ara, John Brazier

HERC newsletter

The Health Economics Research Centre at the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford have published their latest newsletter. The newsletter has
features on a chronic kidney disease policy model, prevalence and costs of delayed hospital discharges, costs of fragility hip fractures and the hospital cost of self-harm. there is also news of our recent research results, funding, publications, seminars and conference presentations as well as the latest staff news.

York CHE newsletter

The Centre for Health Economics at the University of York have issued their latest newsletter. The newsletter has features on their research on global health economics, the influence of patient choice on non-attendance for out-patient appointments, the cost-effectiveness of diagnostic tests for prostate cancer, recommendations to NICE in relation to methods for the evaluation of cancer treatments and the impact of payment for dental x-rays on the volume of x-rays undertaken. Recent publications, conference activities and new projects are also listed.

Journal article on development of health economics

An article by Joanna Coast has been published in the journal Social Science and Medicine discussing the development of health economics and the role played by the journal. The paper begins with a brief look at the development of health economics over the last fifty years, focusing in particular on the challenges of applying economic theory to health. It then considers the development of the health economics aspect of Social Science and Medicine over the same period, before exploring the role that the journal has played in the publication of health economics research. The final main section notes some observations on recent bibliometric analysis in the health economics field, and the limitations of such analysis for providing a rounded review of publication within the field of health economics. The article is part of a series on different disciplines and journal which has its fiftieth anniversary this year.